Masterly Delay with True Bypass switching system

This is Masterly Delay with True Bypass switching system

It was added ability to switch beetween fx and true bypass by toggle switch

or plugged footswitch (any normally open tap-tempo pedal will work)

Pedal contains relay true bypass system.

Noisy vocal delay and preamp.

Dirty noisy analog style delay and preamp for vocalist that contains fx loop for connection of another guitar fx pedals. You can connect directly your favourite dynamic mic and plug this delay to PA or guitar combo. Masterly Delay can create infinite feedback if you want it. You can set up to 620ms of delay or 

set the Mix control to zero and use this pedal as preamp.

Pedal uses high quality XLRs and Bourns transformers.

Controls :

Mix : It controls a ratio of preamped signal and additional delayed signal.

On minimum of this control pedal works as preamp. If you will turn this control clockwislyyou will add delayed signal to your sound.

Time : It sets time between echo repeats. You can set 30-620 ms.

Feedack : It sets the number of repeats after original signal. Be carefull when you use this knob.Infinitive feedback can create oscilating volume boosting noise.

FX Loop : You can connect another guitar fx pedals to Masterly Delay. Fx loop is placed in front of delay.

Internal controls : Feedback : You can set maximum speed of infinitive 

                                feedback buildup time.

                                Boost : you can set volume boost of mixed signal.

Toggle switch : It activates a pedal by on and switchs to True Bypass by


Footswitch input jack : You can plug (normally open) tap-tempo pedal

                                         and control on/off switching by foot.

Specification :

Dimensions : 12 x 8.1 x 8.5 cm

Weight : 430 g

Power : 9V DC center negative adaptor only

Current Draw : 26 mA

Pedal is handwired and handrilled from the standard boutique quality parts.

Alpha pots

Professionaly printed faceplate

Professionly made pcb board