This is Atmosphere. Two modes synthetic reverberberation.

Synthetic ambiance maker with gain and two modes selector.

It allows you to set more noisy reverberation than on other pedals.

You can also set reverb to zero and use pedal as boost.

Controls :

Footswitch : It activates pedal. It switches as true bypass.

Reverb : It sets amout of reverb.

Gain: It`s a gain of mixed signal.

Volume : It`s classic master volume on output of pedal.

Mode selector : Bright shimmering reverberation

Dark cavernous reverberation

Specification :

Dimensions : 9.2 x 12.2 x 5.2 cm

Weight :362 g

Power : 9V DC center negative adaptor only

Current Draw : 55mA

Pedal is handwired and handrilled from the standard boutique quality parts.

Alpha pots and true bypass switch

Professionally printed faceplate

Professionally made pcb board