The Fuzzing Warrior

This is Thee Fuzzing Warrior.  Fuzz and treble booster.

It`s massive fuzz machine with non-traditional treble booster that it is placed after fuzz circuit. You can uses this pedal with electric or bass guitar. Very flexible tone control allows you to set ratio of bass and treble frequecies. Thee fuzzing warrior fuzz section is most used pedal for bass guitar in my production.

Controls :

Fuzz Footswitch : It activates a fuzz circuit. It switches as true bypass.

Treble Booster Footswitch : It activates a treble booster circuit. It switches as true bypass.

Boost : It sets a gain of treble booster section.

Gain : It sets a gain and distortion of fuzz section of pedal.

Tone : It controls a ratio of bass and treble frequencies of fuzz section. It`s interactive with gain control.

Volume : It`s a classic master volume on output of fuzz section of pedal.

Specification :

Dimensions : 9.2 x 12.2 x 5.2 cm

Weight :362 g

Power : 9V DC center negative adaptor only

Current Draw : 12mA

Pedal is handwired and handrilled from the standard boutique quality parts.

Alpha pots and true bypass switch

Professionally printed faceplate

Professionally made pcb board