This is Tacked. Three gain stage octafuzz.

If you like noisyfuzz pedals this octafuzz is for you.

Unobvious 3 – gain stage pedal alows you to set really badassy sounds.

Varp control for setting a frequency range of producted sound.

Texture control for setting of presence of octave up sound and gateing.

Toying with Tacked and finding new sounds is allowed.

You can dial bassy sounds as well sa midrange and treble sounds.

You can use your noise from your single coil pickups.

Controls :

Footswitch : It activates pedal. It switches as true bypass.

3-gain stage control : Every control increase a gain of selected part of pedal

Texture : adding a octave up to your sound

Varp : It changes frequency range of pedal.

Specification :

Dimensions : 9.2 x 12.2 x 5.2 cm

Weight :362 g

Power : 9V DC center negative adaptor only

Current Draw : 12mA

Pedal is handwired and handrilled from the standard boutique quality parts.

Alpha pots and true bypass switch

Professionally printed faceplate

Professionally made pcb board