Heavy Motivation

This is Heavy Motivation. Overdriving envelope filter.

Really unusual and wild sweeping filter that reacts on dynamics of your playing.

It alllows you to set the polarity of sweeping during playing by footswitch.

You can also use another instrument as a trigger for sweeping filter.

Controls :

Bypass footswitch : It activates pedal. It switches as true bypass.

Up/Down footswitch : It sets the polarity of the filter decay. UP sweeps the frequency from higher frequencies to lower ones and DOWN sweeps the frequency from lower to highre ones.

Trig: You can connect here another instrument for activation of sweeping filter

Sensitivity: It sets a reaction on the dynamics of your guitar playing and the frequency range of the filter shift in relation to the input amplitude.

Intensity : It sets how the filter is deep

Frequency switch : It sets a frequency range of the filter.

Volume : It`s a classic master volume on output of pedal.

Specification :

Dimensions :12.0 x 14.5 x 5.6 cm

Weight : 554 g

Power : 9V DC center negative adaptor

Current Draw : 20 mA

Pedal is handwired and handrilled from the standard boutique quality parts.

Alpha pots and true bypass switch

Professionally printed faceplate

Professionally made pcb board

Powering by standard center negative 9V DC adaptor only.